Hive simplifies business process management

So that you get actionable data.

To save your company valuable time and money.

So that anyone can identify and fix problems.


Process improvement for next generation supply chains

Empower people in the supply chain to fix issues where and when they happen - clearly outlining industry best practices and highlighting tips.


Any market, any challenge.

Hive provides a standard platform to meet the business needs of any market or industry.


Retail Execution

Aimed at ensuring that your product is available in a saleable condition to maintain your brand. Help field reps to identify, report and fix recurring issues.


Supply Chain & Logistics

Whether for TPM in the factory of 6 sigma in the warehouse, make it easy for everyone to identify and fix broken processes.


Maintenance & Repairs

Increase accuracy, speed and transparency in the way that broken parts or processes are identified and fixed.


Inspections & Standards

Make it easier for everyone to measure and improve standards with greater accuracy, richer data and step by step actions to fix broken processes.